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Blog | Minimize the Risks of Moving Heavy Items when using a Tulsa Mover by using experienced movers.

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Packing for a move can be a very exhausting and strenuous task. If you have heavy items to get loaded onto the truck, it can definitely be some backbreaking work involved. If you have gardening tools and equipment, heavy appliances or furniture that you need to pack for your move, the effort is tremendous and definitely more than packing apparel.  Why risk your health? Let Mighty Movers experience movers in Tulsa OK do the labor for you. Our movers are experience and know the safest way to move heavy items without causing injury to you or your household good.

Risks Associated with Loading and Unpacking Heavy Items

Heavy boxes and items, such as furniture and refrigerators offer a challenge to any home owner trying to do it themselves.  Many refrigerators and furniture items have had to be replace by being dropped and damaged by inexperienced Tulsa movers. These items are not only a safety hazard to move, but also terribly expensive to replace.
Damage can also be done to the home you are leaving or moving too when items are dropped or bumped into walls. Many wood floors have been damaged by inexperienced Tulsa Movers “dragging” items across it. Tile can be broken on floors and cabinets as well.

Heavy Items Cost More to Move Too

The other aspect to consider is that the heavier the item, the more it will add to the final bulk of the moving costs. The loading and unpacking moving company in Tulsa, OK that you hired will usually base the costs of a long distance move largely on the weight of the whole shipment.
They may also base it on the time it takes for the relocation. It is important to remember that heavier items are a lot more difficult to get around and longer to load and unpack. The costs even incorporate just how complex the job is and if it requires extra help.
You can’t leave the heavier stuff behind either. The best approach is to pack up properly before the move. So just how do you avoid the risks mentioned when using a loading and unpacking moving company in Tulsa, for your move?

What Packing Materials to Use and When?

Firstly, never use old boxes that aren’t built to carry heavier items because they may give way at any time. This will leave you in a mess that’s difficult to get out of. Try using stronger boxes made for heavy duty shipments and two-ply cardboard boxes to pack heavier items before the loading and unpacking moving company in Tulsa, OK.

Special boxes for fragile items such as dishes, pictures and books are available, so buy them to help them fit in with the heavier items. Wrapping items thicker and stronger with several layers of bubble wrap ensures that the items are not destroyed when being loaded or transported.
To schedule a move that will deal cautiously with heavier items, contact Mighty Movers – your best choice for Tulsa Movers.

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