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Customer Testimonials

Six weeks ago I called another moving company for an estimate to move a professional gym-ready treadmill from my home to a location several blocks away. I explained that it was very heavy and would need 2-3 very strong guys to move it. Yes, it had wheels, but they would have to lift it to get it around some areas and into the truck. The other moving company estimated $100 and I explained I would call in a few weeks to schedule the move. When my son called them yesterday to schedule it, they told him it would cost $250 because it would require more than one guy. I told him to call other moving companies. He called Mighty Movers who agreed to do it for $100. This morning, two very strong and very professional movers arrived on time and very carefully moved my treadmill to its destination. I won't be calling the other company again, and I will definitely use Mighty Movers for my next moving needs. You guys rock!

Crystal 9/25/17

Will work hard for you. Recommend them to anyone who needs moving help.

Ashley R. 9/1/17

Exceptional work inside the company and in the community

Ashley M. - 9/4/17

Mighty movers did an amazing job! They moved my heavy furniture quickly, gently and for a great price. I would recommend their service. Thank you!

A'Maryani N. - 9/1/20

Very good experience with the crew that moved me...all the movers were very polite and professional. The service was great and they are also affordable in comparison with their competitors.

Neely P. - 9/1/17

Really awesome company, professional, one time, courteous. Couldn't ask for better movers. Would definitely use again and recommend them to everyone I know. Give you guys a ten star.

Will B. - 9/1/16

I had a great experience with Mighty Movers. Chris and his crew were great to work with- reliable, efficient, and nothing was damaged in the move. It was a great experience and I would definitely use them again when I move.

Kirsten R. - 9/1/18

We had the BEST experience with Mighty Movers! Our home flooded so our move was a quick/emergency move! I called in the morning and they helped us that afternoon! They were so kind, helpful, efficient and professional! Can't recommend them enough!

Abby N. - 10/11/18

They did a great job.  They moved me hundreds of miles out of state (loading and unloading) in ONE day.  They confirmed the day before, showed up right on time, moved quickly and took care of my things.  Nothing was broken upon arrival.  Once on the road they called to confirm as well.  They were polite and professional.  They also had better prices than many other movers I compared quotes to.  They always answered the phone and were quick to return calls/questions.  I would highly recommend them and would definitely use them again.

RM M. - 7/15/19

These movers were careful and thorough. We did not have to empty our dressers: they wrapped them up and off they went into the truck. A great crew of three arrived on time and went through the house figuring out the order of moving each item and a few hours later, they were done and on the way to our new home. They unloaded even faster and yet did not seem to rush or get impatient when we did not know where certain items should go. Their price was the best of all the estimates and their service was excellent. I am really glad we decided on this company.

Belinda F. - 4/24/20

These guys are amazing. They moved me from Stillwater to Tulsa and they did a great job. They listened, they were patient, did odd things 4 me to get me out of the old into the new ... and were sweet about it. If you are moving [they use a 24' truck] these are the guys to use. ALSO, they gave me a flat quote not this $89/hour for this or for that ... and because they did I knew exactly how much to have with no surprises. They also seem to be very honest, they just want to move your stuff and call it a day. Chris and Michael are Definitely 2 Treasures who are easy on the eyes. Darn I lost the pictures I took of them. Well, they are great guys that you can trust.

Doleras B - 6/19/20

Mighty Movers delivered our furniture from Tulsa to Minnesota I highly recommend them they were prompt they provided excellent customer service and their prices were reasonable. The best moving company.

Phyliss S. - 9/2/20

Single mother of two and of course moving is so not ideal for me. But Mighty Movers really took great care of me and was very, very affordable. I will recommend and use their service again.

Trista Gaffney 5/3/20

The movers were great! They were friendly and expertly moved my belongings. Highly recommended!!!!

Jennie Ikuta 8/1/20

These guys were really great today! Fast, made the most of each elevator trip, helpful with the small stuff, and really pretty incredible on the packing of our UHaul, neat approach.

Ben Zimmerman 8/7/20

Really awesome company, professional, one time, courteous. Couldn't ask for better movers. Would definitely use again and recommend them to everyone I know. Give you guys a ten star.

Will B. Catoosa, OK 9/1/2016 - Catoosa Moving Services

Completely Wonderful!!!! I used Mighty Movers and they were extremely helpful! They were on time, patient, courteous and professional. Moving can be very stressful, and Mighty Movers helped reduce my stress by assisting me. I will definitely use them, if I ever need to move again. Well worth it!

D. B. Los Angeles, CA 10/4/2017

For my office move they sent three men with Chris, a company manager, as the lead. Chris was experienced and knew exactly how to move the large desks and other items.  Unlike other movers I've used, Mighty Movers, after covering the furniture with packing blanks, they wrapped the whole item in a plastic film to secure the blankets in place and to control the drawers.  Each of the crew worked at all times and helped each other as needed - a really good team.  They were efficient and didn't rush or take short cuts.  I was very pleased!

Ron G Tulsa 7/9/2018

Great Service! I used my wonderful Yellow Pages app to find these guys with only 1 day notice. After looking thru the options i gave these guys a try cuz they had very good reviews & i was not disappointed. They were exyremely careful, took the time to wrap the expensive items(which my last movers did not want to do), and did it all in a timely manner & did not stand aiound milking the clock. In my opinion these guys went above & beyond & did fantastic job. And were about $80 cheaper than my last movers(Apartment Movers:SLOW but very nice). So i know who i'll be callin for my next move. Mighty Tulsa Movers! Thanks guys(sorry i didn't have anything cold to drink for u guys. I hope y'all got something with the extra money)

Slowitted - 07/04/2011

Thank You Tulsa Mighty Movers Tulsa!! Me & My Fiance had to relocate to Florida and had a lot of concerns about finding a moving company that would have reasonable rates and move our furniture safely..When we called Mighty Movers they were very Professional and had reasonable quote and from looking through these reviews we thought we would give Mighty Movers Tulsa a chance and they came out on time and they were very patient with us and protected our home and furniture very well and they made our move smoother than we had expected. They unloaded us and all our furniture made it safely. Feel very good about our decision for Choosing these movers. We will definitely b giving Tulsa Mighty Movers a call on our next move! Thank you guys!

Joe - 06/22/2010

Professional Labor. I needed my massive entertainment set moved upstairs to the theatre room. They moved few other items however my this was the "big one"! I appreciated the time the guys took to protect my staircase & doorways they would have to maneuver through. My wife and I held each other's hands tightly as they carried these massive units upstairs with no damage. Even managed to disassemble & reassemble it without any pieces left laying around..haha! Impressive!

My wife & I kid about moving it with our group of friends. NOT IN A MILLION YEARS!


Greg - 06/22/2010

5 STAR QUALITY. The Movers were very professional and had a good sense of humor!! They made our move go smoothly and most importantly there were NO DAMAGES!! 5 Star Company, I would def. recommend to all who are wanting a quality move and they have affordable rates, which my wife loves :-) I have recently recommended them to my sister who is moving to Tulsa this week and she will def. be giving you guys a call! Thanks Again!

Jim Cross - 09/09/2009

Great Job!! Great Job on the move guys!! I had a really good experience with Mighty Movers Tulsa. I am a student and this was my first time moving Tulsa Mighty Movers gave me a great deal and they did not damage any of my furniture =-)

Sedi luvv - 9/09/2009

Thanks! I hired mighty movers for packing and moving and when I saw how well they handled my furniture I was very impressed there was no damages and very reasonable rates I hired them to unpack me as well!! I've had previous hell with other moving companies and always having something damaged but not with this company they did a great job!!

Justin - 09/09/2009

Thanks guys! Had two MIGHTY HANDSOME TULSA MIGHT MOVERS GUYS move me out of my 3rd floor apartment into my new home! I could barely watch as they were carrying my big screen TV down three flights off stairs. I'm in my new home watching TV on my big screen now. THANKS GUYS!!

Amanda - 03/05/2010

Unbeatable Rate!! Thank you for booking and moving us the last minute! We really appreciate your patience and good work! We recieved an unbeatable deal on the rate. Thanks again Tulsa Mighty Movers!

Michelle L. - 10/26/2009

Impressive! They moved me from two different houses into a two bedroom upstairs apartment and they did it all in the rain with no damages. I was worried at first because of the rain, but they did a great job and I was very impressed! Thanks Tulsa Mighty Movers!

Kayla J. - 09/15/2009


Unbeatable Rate!! Thank you for booking and moving us the last minute! We really appreciate your patience and good work! We recieved an unbeatable deal on the rate. Thanks again Tulsa Mighty Movers!

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